Ultimate Laser Tag

Ultimate Laser Tag has multiple game types, streak tracking, vibration feedback, and so much more! Jack’s sate of the art battle rifles are built of nylon fiberglass reinforced plastic, so the rifles are lightweight and durable for even the toughest of players.

laser tag rifle

Multiple Game Types

Team Death Match, King of The Hill, Free for All, Infection, and even more! Track your kills and see who wins MVP.

Battle Rifle

Each weapon preset has a unique sound, range, damage, clip size, and fire rate. Try the Burst Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, Battle Cannon, or Assault Laser!

Fun For All Ages

Jack's lightweight laser taggers are the perfect tagger for players 5+. With customer gun settings you can plan at the level that is fun for you.

Vibration Feedback

When you shoot or get shot by the Battle Riffle...you feel it! The built in vibration mechanism makes the game come alive and is not found anywhere else in the industry.

What our Players say

Had a great time. Went in the escape room and laser tag and had a blast. Would recommend for anyone with kids. Very family friendly.

Ryan V

We had so much fun playing laser tag! There were 7 of us including three 6 year olds. The 8 min game is good for the little kids and adults. Next time it would be fun to do the escape room and paintball.


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